You Are Anointed And You Can't Marry Just Anyone

Before you settle or before entering that relationship I need you to recognize who you are. I need you to recognize who God has called you to be. It is because you are anointed and precious to God that you can’t be with or marry just anyone. You are anointed and you need to remember that as you date and as you enter into a relationship.

I always wondered why I couldn’t get with certain men. It was for that reason. I was anointed. God had called me to be in ministry, to be a praise and worship leader, a writer, and other things. I couldn’t marry just anyone. I had to marry someone that complimented the gifts and the talents that were on the inside of me. Also, I had to marry someone that could deal with me and all that I was doing or going to do as well. I’m a passionpreneur created by God and not everyone can deal with that type of anointing.

Not everyone can deal with the anointing on your life. Make sure you surround yourself or end up with someone that is likeminded when it comes to the anointing on your life and the call of God on your life. It will make things so much better and save you a lot of headaches.

Dating Tip: When you’re getting to know someone have that you are anointed on the back of your mind. Watch to see if they can handle where God wants to take you and all of your dreams, goals, and yes, your anointing.