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Single Ladies, It's Time For You To Marry Your Ministry

I remember it like it was yesterday. The prophetess told me to marry my ministry. When I heard that I heard, “Marry your ministry because you won’t get married anytime soon.” That was far from the truth. Now a year later, after being married, I finally understand what the prophetess was saying. I finally got it as I was studying Ruth and found some important principles that every single lady needs to hear and act upon in order to possibly meet who God has for them.

Your God Will Be My God

These days many women are leaving the faith. They no longer call God their God. They are serving many gods. There was a time when women called on the name of the Lord but today, many women have left God to serve gods, as Orpah did. The interesting part is Naomi said to Ruth, “Your sister-in-law has gone back to her people and to her gods. You should go too.” Ruth replied, “No, I will go where you go and your God will be my God.”

Here we have two women. One who decided to go back and serve her people’s gods (plural gods). But Ruth said, “No! No matter what, I am staying here with you, God.”

In the single walk, I believe we each are giving the opportunity to choose. Are we going to choose God or are we going to choose other gods? Are we going to turn our back on God because we’ve lost something? Or are we going to stay with God?

I often wonder what happened to Orpah? Did she get back safely to her family and other gods? Did she find a husband among her people? What we know is what happened to Ruth as she stayed and served the true and living God. Even though she had lost her husband, was in a famine, and lost everything she had, she said, “I may be single or I may be a widow but God I am staying with You.” In the end, her staying with God, caused Boaz to find her.

May I Glean… Work My Calling

So Naomi and Ruth went on to Bethlehem and the next part that amazes me is she didn’t wallow up in her feelings or focus on what she didn’t have anymore. Not once did we see Ruth complain. I find that very amazing. Today, myself included, we cry and we curse God but Ruth kept it moving. She did not complain or even cry about her situation or lack thereof. She didn’t take time to sit and rest when she got to Bethlehem. She didn’t just mourn the whole time when she lost someone dear to her. You know what she did? She said to Naomi, “Please let me go to the field, and glean heads of grain…” In her hurt and in her lost, she got up and went to work. She got up and married her ministry. In fact, it says, “She happened to come to the part of the field belonging to Boaz… ” It was at this moment he noticed her because he asked, “Who is this young woman?”

Which leads me to my next question…

What would have happened if she didn’t go to glean or go to work in the fields that happened to be Boaz’s field? 

Think about this for a second.

Ruth met her future husband when she went to glean in the fields which happened to be his. Since she went straight to work, it was as if she stumbled on to where her future husband would be.

Ruth 2:3 Then she left, and went and gleaned in the field after the reapers. And she happened to come to the part of the field belonging to Boaz, who was of the family of Elimelech.

I said this a long time ago on an Instagram post that a woman I follow wouldn’t have met the person she’s seeing if she wasn’t doing what she was called to do. She wouldn’t be in the relationship she is in now if she did not turn her hobby or passion into her business. If she wasn’t working or if she didn’t marry her ministry per se, she wouldn’t have met him. The same with Ruth, if Ruth did not marry her ministry or get right to work she would not have met Boaz. Boaz would not have found her.

It’s Time For You To Work

Woman of God you are called to do a mighty work but you’re allowing things like singleness and feeling lonely to stop you. Do you realize what might happen if you went to work; if you married your ministry? You marrying your ministry and you getting to work on the very thing God has called you to do will open doors that you’ve been praying for.

It’s your passion and the call of God on your life that will lead you to meeting your future husband but, you have to get to work, NOW! He too has to get to work if he’s not working on his God given talent, hobby, or calling. When you both get to working on your passion, your calling, and marrying your ministry, it will lead you to finding each other.

What would happen for many of you, if while single, you married your ministry as you waited? Even though I am married now, Ruth is an example for all women who are waiting for something. Something happens when you work and do all that you are supposed to do in life. Nothing happens when you just sit there, complain, and cry. For many of you doors you’ve been praying for will open if you follow these principles from Ruth. Doors will open and marriage will happen if you stop allowing what you are going through to stop you from gleaning in the fields and getting straight to work on what God has called for you to do.

Go out there and work as you wait. Yes, marry your ministry. Something great will happen when you marry your ministry. God is calling you to not sit around and wait but to do what you’ve been called to do. #yourenext

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