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I Am The One: Forgiveness, Healing, & Memories of A Breakup

She promised herself a new life. If only it was that easy.

Throwing herself into a profound journey of personal healing and recovery, Claudia spends her time at boot camp reflecting on her past failed relationships and moving forward with her life. Despite her roommate Ayotunde’s temptations, she manages to avoid the relentless lure of parties and distractions to focus on self-improvement and strengthening her faith in God.

And as she navigates the complex world of friendship, faith, and re-inventing herself after all the things she’s been through, Claudia must overcome the demons of her past and her unresolved feelings as she works toward a bright new future. But her quest for self-discovery is easier said than done – and when her friend contacts her with shocking news, her entire new life could be thrown into chaos once more…

As a touching contemporary Christian fiction book that juggles timeless themes of forging new relationships, trusting in God, and recovering from old wounds, I Am The One, is a powerful tale that will resonate with anybody who has struggled with abusive relationships and the immense difficulty of moving forward after heartbreak.

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