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This series should be in the library of every Christian and non Christian who is seeking God and striving to place Him first in their life.

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A reflective retreat of support, red flags, and discernment. After meeting two strangers who give her the wisdom she needs on an impromptu trip, Claudia takes off to Malibu where she starts the healing process. Feeling grateful to have a free trip and a place to stay for thirty days, it forces Claudia to shut out the world and learn how to get over Wendell. Shut off from the world, she learns more about herself and the red flags that got her to where she is.

Joined by a familiar character, Lailah, of God, Send Me My Husband, Claudia learns the importance of red flags, discernment, and how she got to where she is now. With thought-provoking wisdom about red flags and discernment, the third book in the I Am The One series is a must-read for anyone who loves short stories, Black & African American Christian Fiction, and who need to embark on a new journey in their dating life.

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