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I truly appreciate the wisdom in this book. It was truly encouraging to me, especially at this time in my life.

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A powerful journey of forgiveness, self-discovery, and healing.

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After abandoning her old life when her boyfriend betrayed her and left her all alone, Claudia embarks on an impromptu travel to see the world, find somewhere new to call home, and take her mind off the ruins of the future she had planned for them both.

Her path brings her to two strangers, each with a unique story to tell. Their wisdom, masked beneath ordinary people, inspire, and empower her to heal and understand the true power of forgiveness.

Intertwining her personal journey with an eye-opening look at the subtle relationship red flags which anybody in love can easily overlook or explain away, Claudia’s story shows her how to recover from a bad breakup and emerge a stronger, happier person full of forgiveness and healing.

Combining a poignant narrative with rich characterization and thought-provoking wisdom which will rub off on your own life, the second book in the I Am The One series is a must-read for anyone who loves contemporary short fiction and literary drama.

Prayers, a devotional, and journaling included.
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