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A gripping story of despair, heartbreak, and hope.

As their anniversary approaches, Claudia can hardly contain her excitement and even worry. This year will finally be the one, she’s sure. Expecting her boyfriend’s long-awaited marriage proposal, she counts down the days to their anniversary.

But when the day finally arrives, her life unravels. Faced with a terrible breakup and secrets he’s held from her, Claudia reels from the shock of his sudden change of heart. Aimless and too heartbroken to contact her family and best-friend, she sets her sight on giving everything up, including life.

But in her darkest moment, something catches her eye. Will she give up everything, or will it compel her to give this new single life a try?

If you like gripping short fiction series which explores real human emotions and struggles through a gritty and realistic lens for Christian singles, then you won’t want to miss I Am The One.

I love the way the author has taken the time to share a story that so many male and female go through who lack self-esteem.

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About The Book

I was on my one-year anniversary sitting on the Symphony of the Seas balcony. It was a beautiful sight, and I started thinking what would a single woman do after a breakup or what would she do while she was single. Right there on that indoor balcony, I started writing this story. Then some time later, I heard of many stories of women who were going through a breakup and wanting to kill themselves or their self-esteem was very low. I even remembered my own breakups. I would sit and wonder, God, did you have anyone for me and God? Will you ever do it?

Breakups when you want something so bad are tough!

So, I wrote this book for women who are going through a long wait and women who had a nasty breakup. I am the One is a book for women trying to find themselves again. This book is for women who need encouragement. This book is for women who just need a word from God.

I have worked diligently to provide a great story, but also a story that is scripture filled and for women to realize that they are the One.

I enjoyed the book. Nice read. There were moments I had to cringe due to the lady's responses of what her man did, but sadly those experiences are real for many. The encouragement after the story is backed by scripture. I enjoyed the study guide. There were well thought out discussion questions. And the prayers at the end are a very nice touch. This is a great resource for singles.

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