Less Than One Year & Three Countries Together

It’s crazy! I’ve always wanted to travel.

It’s not some thing that I just woke up with and decided to post about. I’ve been speaking about this for years. If you don’t believe me ask my mom. It’s just that lately the travel bug has hit me HARD. Even before I met Mister I wanted to travel.

Mister is my husband. Everyone knows him as Mister! So we dubbed thee Mister. Mister is also very private, so you’ll see creative pictures without his face…LOL!

Less than one year married and we are traveling and seeing the world. I guess for us right now, we have no kids and we’re flexible. Lately, my flexibility is limited but I’ll get back to being flexible soon enough. It’s exciting because I knew I would be traveling but not like this. My motto now is Travel more not less! Now, try and get Mister onto that motto…LOL. Right now, I more so want to see the world and well, he wants to work. That’s a man for you and that is a good thing. So, I am finding buddies to go with. Yes, a girls trip is in the works!!!! Well, actually, it’s not a girls trip, it’s more of a business trip because coming off of the latest cruise I see two needs that need to be dealt with. We will discuss that more in later post.

Why Travel Now?

Traveling for me is refreshing. Seeing the world is broadening my horizons. In fact, out of our last trip to Belize and Mexico, I was able to hear from God about two books and new business opportunities. Ahhh yes…a fresh start. It’s like my New Year started January 30, 2019.

Right now, I am in the process of writing two books. I am also trying to release them on the same day (April 27-my bday). We shall see. Writing is hard especially when you have so many jobs and responsibilities. I have to find a way to juggle them all.

Stop: I hear the sound of a trip calling me to plan how to juggle writing and these new opportunities. 🤔

It seems when I travel I am able to get a clear head. I am able to see things differently. I am able to tackle on new opportunities and write more.

I am less stressed. Boy, do I need a six month vacation twice a year. One day!

While traveling I started thinking about some things. I started thinking about why didn’t I travel more when I was single? After pondering it for a looooooong while as the sun came up on our last Norwegian Jade cruise, I didn’t go because of three reasons:

  1. Fear

  2. Finances

  3. No Husband

How many of you don’t travel because of those reasons? Sad to say, a lot of women who are single don’t travel because of those reason mentioned above as well. This year, we are going to cross those reasons out and see the world. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be experiencing a place other than your couch.

Yes, I sat on my couch watching lots of Netflix while single when I could of been out seeing the world.

This year let’s do something different. This year let’s see the world together!